Hi, my name is Erik Eskedal – thank you for stopping by my site – and, furthermore, landing on this particular page.  

I share positive and deep perspectives on different things. 

I’m a non-linear mind and enjoy taking chances and not knowing outcomes (within fluctuating reasons). 



My stimulations are at their peak when encountering old and withering mechanical things.  




a few things I like:

Erik is thoughtfully speaking maybe

driving, playing frisbee, cars, trucks, playing ping-pong, junkyards, meteorology, maps, space, eating and making tasty foods, the Red Sox (baseball), drinking alcohol, stick-shifts, boating, abandoned stuff, ghost-hunting, the holiday season, snowstorms, thunderstorms, cetaceans, relaxing, youtube, pizza (Uno’s especially), cryptocurrency


So many others will remain unlisted as they reside within the shadows of humbleness.   


While this page represents my true self as an artist, the other page – the official bio – represents me on paper more structurally..  


Thanks again!