Professional Artist Statment:

Embracing originality, I aim to redefine artistic expression in order to enrich lives globally.

Official Bio:

Erik Eskedal is a professional artist who leverages artificial intelligence to bring his original visions to life. 

His unique perspective is reflected in every piece of art that he creates. 

Erik is drawn to the deep beauty which lies hidden beneath – and within
contexts where they almost should not be. 

His goal is to make this beauty visible – to give it a narrative which
changes conventional perception.  From haphazard shapes in broken
darkness, he reaches for any illumination of positivity to highlight.

A former truck driver and long-time student of the road, he strives to seek
out beauty within the rawness of Americas roadways.  Within that culture
he has a passion for old junkyards and capturing the beauty of deteriorating
vehicles – especially as the vintage yards become more and more rare.  Beyond that, anything that is materially
breaking down provides vast inspiration to Erik.

According to Eskedal, there is nothing more beautiful than driving a diesel
truck through the still of the dark night with the windows down listening to
the echoes of the spooling turbo-diesel whine in harmony with changing the

Storms and extreme weather are some of his passions that get him out to explore.

He grew up around art as his mother was a high-school art teacher.  He
developed a fascination for cars and the road at an early age and was
constantly drawing cars. 

Enjoying oil painting and illustration, he
graduated with a degree in Art from New England School of Art and Design.

Exhibited both Nationally and Internationally, over the last 10 plus years,
Eskedal has decided to make photography (both traditional and AI enhanced) the primary channels through which to share his
uniquely positive outlook…