4. Windows

Windows are multi-dimensional and mostly depend on perspective. In this series, all but one give a small example of what may be on the inside. The exception is the photo of the shuttered windows within a long-forgotten building in Vermont – it could be Bennington or could be farther north.

The lead photo features two dogs looking out. This was on a small residential street in a mid-central Pennsylvania coal town. Upon driving past, the car was stopped and backed up for the opportunity to freeze this cool moment in life – for myself as well as the dogs.

The blue photo was taken in Key West, Florida. At the time, I was drawn by the shadows and shapes. Only in post-production did I notice the arms hanging out of the awninged window with a hand holding a cigar. The color is nice – but I totally saw this in black and white at the time.

The other two – trinkets and blinds that had, one day, been more horizontal.

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