Junkyard Sandwich

I was so utterly happy to be shooting in a junkyard.  Thanks to Jack’s Junkyard for allowing me to look a little out of place while strolling around.

This is going to become a thing now..  MY thing, that is!  There are so many layers to the beauty hidden within these twisted metal hulks which used to be transportation for countless people.  How many stories, one could never guess – there is a sense of pure solitude and remembrance listening to the breeze creek and rattle the occasional cord.  I scared away a few rabbits – and saw one bird sitting atop an open hatchback lid – thank goodness I saw no snakes – for, their were deep and muddy puddles.

This place, the junkyard, is as raw as the road – but without that activity.  There is mystery and darkness – yet there is still energy in these places.

 (2017 Eskedal Expressions)

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