Baseball Season starts!

The baseball season is finally upon us!  I still find enjoyment in watching any given game from start to finish – the subtleties of the game are so intriguing – especially the aspect of pitching.

Swinging Red Sox batter - with popcorn
Popcorn and Baseball

Go Red Sox!

Even though it is snowy and cold in Boston, today, the boys of summer are back!

Looking forward to an exciting year.

Fenway Park view from above the third base line
Fenway Park Angles – down the third base line


Cask'n Flagon
Cask’n Flagon – the icon
Citgo Sign
Citgo Sign – 100% Boston


Red Sox Batter swinging
Covering the zone
Men's Room Third Base Pavillion Box
Men’s Room at Fenway Park
Britney's a terrible mom - go Sox!
Go Sox!

 (Erik Eskedal)


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