• Ornamental Butterfly

    Ornamental Butterfly at Sunset

    Sunset Butterfly

  • Industrial Blue Pipes

    Industrial Blue

    Blue Pipes

  • Ocean Waves Art

    Ocean Waves

    The Art of Nature

  • Umbrella Abstract

    Umbrella from the window


  • Abstract Leaves on Water

    Abstract Leaves on the water

    Leaves on the Water

  • Foliage Mountain Lake

    Foliage Mountain Lake, New Hampshire

    Foliage Mountain Landscape

  • Bridge Truss

    Architectural and Engineering lines

    Bridge Truss

  • Old Dark Classic Car

    Highlights in the dark


  • Monk on Stairs with Children

    A monk takes a picture of some children

    Monk Stairs

  • Blue Carrera

    Blue Porsche

    Porsche Carrera Blue

  • Red Blanket over driftwood

    Red Blanket over Driftwood Beach

    Red Tide

  • Soccer Girl

  • Umbrella on the Beach

    Color on the Beach

    Standing Out

  • Woods Reflection

    Stream and Trees

    Woods Reflection

  • Sunset Dock

    Sunset Pier

    Sunset Dock Meditation

  • Train Station

    Silver Lake Station

    Train Station

  • Lamborghini Miura and Dog

    Classic Italian Curves

    Miura SV dog

  • Mack Truck front

    Power and beauty


  • Heron

  • Classic old truck grille

    Classic Chrome Grille

    Classic Grille

  • Reed Shadow water

    Foliage Reeds

    Foliage Water Palette

  • Flower Garden

    Flower Garden

    Flower Pot Garden

  • Blue flower


  • Fishermans Memorial

    Fisherman's Memorial Gloucester MA

    Fisherman's Memorial

  • field

  • Two men relaxing


    Feet Up

  • Quarry

    Dark quiet Quarry in VT

    Dark Quarry Ladder

  • Green Oldsmobile Cutlass in the city

    City car


  • Grille of an old Mercedes

    Classic Mercedes Nose

    Classic Mercedes

  • Boats Vertical Color

  • Man in the front of a boat

    Lead Passenger

    Boat Man

  • Classic American Convertible

    Old Red

    Big Ole Red Car

  • Old Bike, pretty flowers

    Bicycle Mirror

    Bicycle Mirror Flowers Color

  • Cadillac Window

    Window Curves

    Window Curves

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